Why hire a tour guide

[1] The Restaurant analogy

You can buy food at a supermarket and cook it at home – but sometimes you’ll just want to go out to eat at a nice, fancy Restaurant. Let someone else do the work, while you relax, sit back, get served, and enjoy the food, company and ambiance.

Furthermore, the chances are that the Chef can cook up a tastier meal than you can !

Let the Tour Guide do the homework and present the final product – and in a tasty way.

[2] Sifting the wheat from the chaff.

The guidebooks, and certainly, the internet are full of information – too full. The Tour Guide has done the research and has already extracted the interesting and relevant points from the verbiage.

Let the Tour Guide bring you the essence of what you should know.

[3] Not just information – but understanding

You may be standing in front of a pile of rocks – but its meaning depends on appreciating its significance – which has a lot to do with knowing the geographical and historical context.

Let the Tour Guide enlighten you to the broader significance of the place you are visiting.


[4] Personal inspirationShout at ein gedi

A tourist visits places, out there – but the satisfaction comes when he finds it resonating with things deep inside.

Let the Tour Guide take you beyond the mere facts and data – let him give you the insights, and make the connections.

A good Tour Guide is an actor, and a narrator in a play. Just like you will watch the film, even though you read the book – so too you will want to be entertained, enthralled and inspired by a good performance.