Yaakov in many ways is an overqualified tour guide. His extensive knowledge and passion for Israel and it’s culture is undeniable and it really reflects during his tours. I was lucky enough to share a 10 day period with this fantastic guide along with 47 other people. How he managed to control that many people and keep everyone incredibly interested I do not know but it is a gift. You could be the most intelligent human being on earth but without a personality and the passion to make facts and stories captivating you are useless. From day one Yaakov has us in tears of laughter, he made us feel welcome and throughout the trip made time to get to know everyone. I could not recommend anyone better if you are planning a trip to Israel, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Yaakov!

Damien Fisher, Barcelona


Yaakov’s knowledge of Israel is extremely thorough and broad – it seems there were no questions we could throw at him that he would not be able to answer.
He has a clear passion for teaching, answering questions and making sure everyone is left fully understanding the topics. Additionally his regular reminders to drink water among other things were especially helpful.
During the 10 days, Yaakov took the time to speak to all 40 of us making it very easy to approach him with any doubts we have.
Time keeping and punctuality was always done well, along with his ever present positive energy.
Some tour guides speak so factually that any emotion of the history is taken away. Yaakov however created a great balance between facts and events and emotions and opinions to take us through the history and journey of Israel. I feel I’ve learnt so much from him!

Gaby Wills, UK


Yaakov brings the places to life with his stories, historical knowledge and biblical insights.

On top of that you get to spend time with a good guy, with a great sense of humour…

I have been on many tours over the years in Israel and can honestly say Yaakov’s have been the most enjoyable and memorable, I highly recommend him to anyone wanting a wonderful touring Israel experience…

Ilana and Morris Kaplan, Sydney, Australia


Yaakov was a truly excellent tour guide. He not only  made sure that our itinerary ran very smoothly but he gave us real insight into the places we visited. Each element of a visit was well planned and tailored to our needs. The trip was for our son Ilan’s Barmitzvah and the places we visited were selected and explained in depth so that we all gained a true understanding of their significance. I would definitely recommend anyone visiting Israel to use Yaakov as guide

Nigel Gilmore, Manchester, UK